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gorgeous teapot down to the most minute detail, feels amazing to the touch and has a... — Nikita Kira Kinch
The flavours of each blend are clean and perfectly judged, the blends sharp and delicately... — Hannah Brown,
The cups are beautiful, well proportioned, and very easy to drink from. — Abhainn
Amazing hand made teapot, brews delicious tea! Wonderful seller with a really personal... — Rebecca Lawson-Prior
London Food Heroes Chau-Jean & Tim, who are taking their amazing Taiwan-sourced tea... — Alessio D'Antino
I’ve been eyeing this teapot for a while now, and I’m so glad I purchased it! I had... — j r
My Zen Garden Teapot is lovely. It arrived fairly quickly, and without incident. — Ronald
This teapot is absolutely gorgeous and just what I was hoping for! — lauralbates